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Emmi Lu's Treats 4 Two

One for me and One for You

You Place an Order.


We Donate treats to a shelter in your community.

Our mission at Emmi Lu's Barkery is to bake delicious, hand-crafted dog treats using the highest quality ingredients for our customers while donating the same wonderful treats to shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Animals in shelters deserve special treats too and the extra attention they get from shelter workers who provide the treats is just as important. The workers dedicated to caring for these animals also receive the joy of giving the dogs a fun and colorful treat that is both delicious and nutritious.


When you purchase treats for your special pet at home, you know that you are also brightening the lives of special animals waiting for their chance to become part of a forever family.

SHELTER Donations

Charlie has been


Today we met Charlie while visiting Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, MO. A sweet & well behaved boy looking for his forever home. We played and enjoyed some treats together, but he so wants his own do all the other dogs & cats waiting for you to come adopt them from this awesome shelter!

Thank you Jeannie for introducing me to this wonderful shelter, its staff and the adorable animals waiting to be adopted! You are amazing with all the hours you volunteer there!

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