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Our Main Taste Testers 

It's a tough job, but some dog has to do it.

How we got started
There were dogs everywhere and before we knew it, I was baking treats to please them. Dogs can be finicky - just ask Josie, the only cat!
Living in a close circle of family & friends, our assortment of dogs deserved better than what was out there - so I took on the challenge of finding the best ingredients, fine-tuning my recipes and before I knew it, I became the Baker of Dog Treats. If I was baking them, I wanted to have fun and if I was having fun, I wanted those feeding the treats to have fun too - so our treats are unique, delicious and really awesome using fresh & organic Ingredients including natural colors in our icing!
Emmi Lu is my sweet companion and the inspiration for our barkery. I love all the dogs, each & every one, but Emmi is ... well .... my Emmi Lu. You know what I mean - the one dog that grabs your heart in a way that you just can't explain. With the approval of this eclectic bunch, we decided to share and bake our treats with love and care for those special dogs in your life.
We wish all dogs were snug in a loving family, so for all those shelter dogs waiting for their chance, we donate our treats for them to enjoy with their caretakers. You order, We donate. We want them to feel a little taste of love while they wait for their forever home.
So from our kitchen and family to yours - we wish you hugs, kisses, snuggles and delicious treats.
                   Emmi Lu & Janet  
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