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Fresh & Organic         Human Grade         Natural Colors          Dog Approved

We carefully select each ingredient that goes into our personally designed,

hand-cut and decorated treats for that special dog in your family.

Emmi Lu's Treats have NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO salt, & the only sugar is naturally found in the fresh bananas, carrots & other fruits/veggies we use.



Some bakers claim "no added sugar, salt or preservatives." Okay, they may not add it, but it IS in the commercially prepared peanut butter and other ingredients they use and so it IS in their treats.


They are NOT in ours - NOT added and NOT in our ingredients.

Peanut Butter * Only organic peanuts - that's it.


Pumpkin * Organic pumpkin - nothing else.


Flours *  All Organic.  Our recipes use white rice flour, brown rice flour, oat flour and coconut flour.


Oats * Organic Whole-Grain Oats


Fruits & Veggies * Fresh & Organic

  • Bananas - by the bunch

  • Carrots - crunchy & tasty

  • Spinach - green & leafy

  • Mint - fragrant & fresh

  • Apples - fresh & chopped

  • Applesauce - only apples, unsweetened


Cinnamon * Yep, Organic too.


Organic Brown Eggs


Coconut Oil * Organic Extra-Virgin


Flaxseed Meal * Organic Ground Whole Flaxseeds


Maple Syrup * Organic & Pure


Chicken Puree - We bake fresh, organic free-range chicken breasts and make our own puree with only chicken and a bit of filtered, fresh water. Simple and delicious.


Beef Broth - We make our own because our dogs don't want or need the salt and flavorings found in even the organic broth commercially available. Just beef and water.  That's  all.  Yummy!

Icing - We searched long and hard to find icing worthy of our decorated treats. It had to be all natural, without sugar and it couldn't melt in hot weather. It was worth the wait because we found it! Plus the colorings we use are also natural made from veggies, spice and fruits!


Icing Ingredients:  Non-fat milk solids, yogurt cultures, egg whites, tapioca starch, tapioca maltodextrin, modified food starch and pectin.


Natural Colors may include: beet powder, carob, coconut charcoal, spirulina extract, turmeric, vegetable gums. White contains titanium dioxide.


Our icing is NOT the sugar-laden "yogurt" icings used by many pet bakeries.


Cakes & Softie Treats are moist & dense - no baking powder or leavening agents.

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